The Greatest Plant Shop in Amsterdam That You'll Likely Never Visit. Sorry.


These days, so much of our time liaising and preparing for our installations is done via email or on the phone. With a period of relative calm settling over August, we decided to make the most of it, load up Rose’s car and take a road trip to The Netherlands to put faces to names and finally meet with our brilliant plant suppliers.

For the sake of secrecy, the exact location shall remain undisclosed, but we hope you enjoy these photos, which give a glimpse of the goings on inside one of the most established nurseries in Holland.

You can discover all the other green spaces we visited in Amsterdam during our trip here. Oh, and look out for the cast of Caro’s broken arm being used as a tripod in one of the shots…

We were particularly interested to see the process of creating hydroponic plants, which we often use in our installs. The soil of each (already fairly mature plant) is first removed by hand, then any remaining soil is blasted off with a pressure washer to fully clean its roots. After this, the plant is re-potted with hydro balls and continues it life as a hydroponic plant.


Words & Photography by Ro Co